7.5 & 10.4 Swiss revolvers boards


Those are really nice to see.
In the 10.4mm what exactly are those disc’s with raised centers on top row right side. If they are showing them spun into a cup, aren’t they fitted to the board in backwards order?

Pete, the primer pocket!

Great boards! Thanks for sharing.

OK So if I’m understanding this
1st a flat disc,

then it’s coned shaped,

then through four stages the outer edges are again flattened leaving a primer pocket size post & a rimmed / thicker outer edge

then this is cupped & drawn into the case?

So am I understanding this process correctly?

If they can draw / form a rimmed case I’d think it would certainly be easy enough to form a primer pocket in one of the cupping stages?

Anyone have any thoughts my questions on the 10.4 board?