7,5/8 x 58R Krag-Jorgensen fake?

The right cartridge at the picture has resized case neck to 7,5 mm and loaded with bullets looks like Swiss 7,5-mm (length 34,85 mm, diameter 7,76 mm). The cartridge at the left is typical 8x58R Krag and it’s shown for comparison.

I have no idea who made this resized cartridge and for what caliber weapons.
Help me, please to decide this puzzle

There was a 7,5 x 58 R danish round for match purposes designed in the late 30’s (I’m not talking about the 6,5 x 58 R) but salvaged cases were used and I don’t have enough information to distinguish an original from a fake or “wildcat”.

Again, thank you, Fede!

Fede told me that a SFM drawing of this 7.5x58R cartridge exists.

Is somebody able to show this drawing here?

In the meantime I could luckily watch the SFM drawing #7031 of 1891.
The ECRA caliber database calls this drawing as only reference for the 7.5x58R.
In fact the drawing shows no 7.5x58R, just a normal 8x58R case. The special feature is the bullet:
It’s of solid steel with a driving band of copper.
The diameters are 7.7 mm at the steel part and 8.34 mm at the driving band. The last fits the standard 8x58R case.
Focussing on the smaller diameter is perhaps the reason why it became mistakenly a new caliber?
And, of course, the dubious 7.5x58R pictured here, has nothing in common with the SFM drawing.
Sorry for the bad news, treshkin.

@Fede: Do you have any further information about the remarkable danish ‘7.5x58R match’? I’ve checked different danish documents and sources and found out … nothing. Could it also be a chimera?