7.5 MAS Functional Type ID


I have several 7.5 MAS cartridges and it seems like no two are alike. I have two references that list color codes to ID the functional type of the ammunition, but both references are at odds with each other or the cartridge doesn’t fit one color code scheme or the other.

Here are the headstamps and primer annulus colors:

All the bullets are magnetic expect the one round (blue tip?) in the center. Here is what the color coding on the bullet tips and necks look like:

Perhaps someone on the forum can ID the color codes and ID what is the function of each round? I would really appreciate any information that is provided.

Thank you.


Heavyiron, I can help with the identification of several of your rounds as follows;

  1. Red tip. 7.5mm Cartouche a balle Traceuse M1958A (tracer)
  2. Green tip. 7.5mm Cartouche a bale Traceuse M1950A (tracer)
  3. Blue tip. 7.5mm Cartouche a balle Incendiaire M1935 (phosphorus incendiary)
    4 & 5. These are 7.5mm Cartouche a balle M1929C ball rounds (I think) although why number 4 has a completely coloured primer and whether this indicates anything I have no idea!

Just to confuse things further there was also a 7.5mm Catouche a balle Tracante-Perforante M1935TP (armour piercing tracer) which was also marked with a green p.a. and a green tip however this was incirculation earlier - mine is dated 1939.

Hi !

7.5 MAS are easy to recognize:

black bullet : heavy bullet
copper bullet (if pre WWII) : Armor Piercing

black tip : tracer
green tip (on CN bullet): tracer
green tip (on brass bullet) : Armor Piercing tracer
red tip: tracer
blue tip : Incendiary



Except for the Incendiary Mle 1935, which had blue tip, blue p.a. and blue cm seal, the primer colours or primer annulus were of no significance on 7,5 mm so-called “MAS” cartreidges (the actual designation was [b]7,5 mm Mod

Thank you very much for the great information Jim, Jean-Pierre and Philippe. Maybe I can ID the next one by myself. This really helps.