7.5 MAS with Aluminum Case?


I have a 7.5 MAS with the headstamp VE 49 D 1. While I can identify who made the cartridge and the date, I have no idea to what the “D” and “1” refer. I am guessing the “D” is the metal supplier but I have no idea who that may be.

Also the bullet is a FMJ that is either copper washed steel or gilding metal and it has a black ring around the case mouth which I assume is just sealant.

The case appears to be made from aluminum as it is very light. Is this just a military ball loading or is this some type of special purpose load? The case and bullet together weigh about 13.27 grams.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.



I cannot say whether or not your 7.5 MAS cartridge has an aluminum case - I don’t collect them, but they did make aluminum-cased ammunition in this caliber. I just don’t know the loads other than blanks and short-range. The “D” is the case-metal supplier. One case-metal supplier using this code was Soci

Hi !
Your ctge is a fake.
The case is good (Aluminium case made by Valence).
The idea was to have a lighter ammo.
But these cases have never been loaded.
In your case somebody put a bullet in the case to look more pretty.
So take out the bullet and you will have a rare ctge in your collection.

Same French aluminium cases exist also in 30 Carbine (hstped) and 9 para (no hstp), both never been loaded .


I confirm what Jean-Pierre said, just plain fakes, from somebody I knew well (as he is now passed away, no more trouble), a real character and also quite popular amidst the 70-80ies collectors here in Europe…Some of the chaps present on this forum are probably always reminding him, for good or bad!

He found all this aluminum VE made npe (approx.200 of each calibre) in a destruction yard close to Paris,and as he stongly disliked to see them unloaded, decided to complete the job himself… .with any kind of bulets he had at hand, so they could look prettier!!

The trouble is that many of this rather uncommon rounds are now in serious collection around the world…, 7,5 MAS, 30 US Carbine and 9 mm Para (the last one not headstamped).

Made in Cartoucherie de Valence (VE), the npe cases themselves were quite interesting items, remains from an an aborted program to obtain lighter ammunition to carry in field, which did not work well because unsolved metal tension problems at neck. By the way, most of the rounds loaded by our funny guy show neck cracks…

So, our advice is just to remove these damned bullets and please leave the cases alone…they are scarce collectors items.


Does this also include the unheadstamped aluminum cases loaded with Balplast bullets?

Jean-Pierre and Philippe,

Merci beaucoup bon ami!

I had no idea this was a fake. I obtained it in a large lot of cartridges obtained at the last SLICS show this year. I was looking through all of my meager resources and did not find any reference to this loading - no wonder.

I do have another aluminum cased 7.5 MAS which is loaded with small orange plastic bullet. There is no headstamp on this round. From my reference I have identified this as a Gallery Practice round Model F1. I am sure this one has powder inside of it.

This will probably sound like a stupid question, but how scarce is the aluminum case? Am I correct in understanding there were only approximately 200 such cases?

Merci pour votre aide!


[quote=“heavyiron”]Jean-Pierre and Philippe,

Am I correct in understanding there were only approximately 200 such cases?


Hi !

Yes you are correct : 200 cases in 30 M1, 200 in 9 para and 200 in 7.5 MAS.
Philippe usually knows what he is talking about and as he told you he knew very well the guy who found them.

  1. Do you collect 7.5 Mas ?
  2. Did you learn French at school or is it because you spent some vacation in France ? Anyway thanks for the words in French.


The unheadstamped aluminum cases with short orange plastic bullet is very common.
Known as BALPLAST (from tits patented name by GEVELOT S.A.), it was the standard short range cartridge in use within the French Forces. There is also a 7,62x51 variant.

Several colors of plastic (translucent, white, turquoise blue, yellow…) were tested before the orange one was choosen. Most are now considered as very scarce experimentals.
By the way, it is possible to find also headstamped very early production for this Balplast(s). They are not scarce, but rather uncommon.

The aluminum Balplast cases have a white Flexible Internal Element (F.I.E.) inside, not to protect the casewall against aluminothermy phenomenons,
but to reduce the internal case volume, as they are reduced ammo needing only a small load of powder. Another point is the use of Boxer primers, not the usual Berdans.

There is quite more to be said, but a whole book should be needed…!



[quote] Jean-Pierre wrote: 1) Do you collect 7.5 Mas ?
2) Did you learn French at school or is it because you spent some vacation in France ? Anyway thanks for the words in French. [/quote]

I am a general collector and do collect 7.5 French MAS. I studied French in school from the 6th through 12th grades. I think French is a belle langue.

Here is a photo of two 7.5 French MAS blanks from the collection.



[quote=“heavyiron”]Here is a photo of two 7.5 French MAS blanks from the collection.
As I said in another post in the old forum, check carefully this kind of plastic rounds.
They look the same but you have different models.
The base material, the shape of the bullet, the fact you can see a crimped tube inside, the color of the plastic, are the keys to sort all these models.