7.5 Swiss?


Another odd one I got at SLICS. It measures out to a 7.5x55 Swiss, has a T T headstamp, but has raised letters in a groove in the Italian style. The bullet is non-magnetic and has a brass-colored jacket. Any explanations?


Hello Jon,

This one is considered to be a cadet rifle cartridge. Another variation with same groove is headstamped T 2 T 21 (impressed) and is confirmed as for cadet rifle purpose. Brass bullet jacket is also particular to both of these.


Ah, thank you.
We missed you at SLICS. We were all asking when you would arrive. Hopefully next year.


Thanks Jon. We had some coordination problems to get some of our cartridges waiting for us with a friend in Ohio (he was on vacation). These were the ones taken from us TWO TIMES by the TSA back in 2009. We didn’t lost anything but It would be a pity to fly all the way to St. Louis without any cartridges to trade/sell. As you said, hopefully next year.