7.5 x 55.4 Schmidt-Rubin Blank


I have a lacquered steel 7.5 x 55.4 Schmidt-Rubin wood bullet blank, model 1911. The headstamp is 10 SDA A 44.
The “S” and “A” are above and below the “D” and are about 1/2 the size as the “D”. What do they stand for and what is the significance of the small letters?


The “D” stands for “Dornach,” the large “A” stands for “Altdorf,” the small “S” stands for “Schwedenstahl (Swedish Steel)” and the small “A” stands for “Aluminumsaft” which I believe has to do with the primer, but I could be wrong. My very poor German is not up to that word’s definition. Reference: “Schweizerische Patronenboden-Bezeichnungen, 1867-1985,” by Michael am Rhyn.


John–Thanks for the information. I have several 7.5 x 55.4 Schmidt-Rubins, but all my others are brass cased and I had never run into the small letters like on this case.