7.5 x 55 mm – (Swiss GP 11) - "Black Primer"

7.5 x 55 mm (Swiss GP 11)

Here I show an almost normal rifle cartridge in the Swiss orderly caliber.
In contrast, the primer is colored black here.
I did not find any information in the documents available to me.
Who can help?


GP 11 - D 2 T 58 - ZK sw_0002

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Maybe add “Black Primer” in heading will get more response.

Hello, everyone!

Nobody has any idea about the meaning of the black primer? The cartridge shown cannot be the only one.

Is there a connection with the Sinoxid tests on the 7.65 mm Pist. Pat. 03 / 7.65 mm Para and 9 mm Pist. Pat. 41 / 9 mm Para cartridges?

(Pist. Pat. 03 - headstamp D 8 T 58 with red primer and Pist. Pat. 41 - headstamp D 8 T 58 with black primer.)

Just a thought and pure speculation.



As we are entering the realms of speculation…

I can confirm that the Swiss Arsenal at Altdorf (and likely Thun) did use Black primers to indicate “S” loading on 8x57/R Sporting loads (ie 8x57S & 8x57RS). The colour codes I am familiar with are:

Swiss Primer colours on Sporting calibers *********************

Black : Indicating 8mm “S” calibers (as per Germany) :
Used on EPV 280a, 281a, 282a, 283a

Green : Indicating SINOXID (rust-free) primer :
Used on EPV 160, 161, 280, 281, 282, 283, 284, 286

Silver/White : Indicating Dummy (‘Manipulier’) on numerous calibers generally
with holes drilled in case, incl : 102, 160, 161, 185, 282a

As the colour is added after loading this is not just ‘using up’ blackened primers but maybe this may give someone an idea what the purpose of the blackened primer on a 7.5x55 military (or Match ?) loading with the heavy neck crimp.

i had a similar cartridge in a list ,but it classed as “ordinary ball” with black lacquered primer
so no special purpose if there are original

but the lacquer is simply applied so maybe someone had this for identifying this cartridge for his personal “use”

Thank you for trying to explain the black primer.

I’ve been trying to clear up the “secret” for over 30 years, so there is still time to find the solution - someday.