7.5 x 55Rmm Swiss Spotter

This round is brass cased with a brass primer and black primer annulus seal. Headstamp is 7 D A 78. The bullet is cupro-nickel jacketed, red tipped, and with a shallow groove 4.5mm above the case mouth. The bullet is magnetic right to the tip and so may be CNCS jacket.

Case length 55.4mm
Rim diameter 14.5mm
Head diameter 17.6mm
Shoulder diameter 11.6mm
Neck diameter 8.7mm
Rim thickness 1.2mm
Bullet diameter above case 7.8mm
Overall length 77.5mm

Is this a “7.5mm Leuchtspurpatrone 50 für 9cm Pak. Einsatzlauf”?


Yes, this is the tracer subcaliber round.

Thank you EOD.