7.5mm 1882 Ordnance


How old is this box of Swiss ammunition for the 1882/1929 ordnance pistol?

Thanks in advance
the Dane66IMG_1490%20(2) IMG_1487%20(2)

No one that have knowledge about it?

Do you know the headstamp?

there are no headstamp at all :-/

IMG_1782 IMG_1785

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I was made by RWS on October 23, 1940.



I think this was probably made for the Swedish Ordnance Revolver, not the Swiss. The word “suédois” in French means “Swedish.” The 7.5 Nagant was used by Sweden from about 1887 until c. 1907, designated “Mod. 1887.”

John Moss

For 7.5 Swedish Nagant, model 1887 revolver. The only place manufacturing new ammo for it today (in the U.S.) that I know of is Reed’s Ammunition in Oklahoma. I assume their brass is reformed or trimmed from another caliber, probably 32-20.