7.5mm MAS identification please

I am in the process of inerting a quantity of 7.5mm MAS cartridges for a friend. A couple of rounds have got me confused and I would really appreciate some expert help!

The first round was amongst a lot of M1929C ball rounds. It is a brass case with a headstamp of ‘VE D 3 37’. It has a very faint black p.a. and no casemouth seal. The bullet is cupro-nickel and is non-magnetic. I pulled the bullet and it would appear to me to be a phosphorus incendiary. It is 33.78mm long and weighs 142.2gn. As far as I can tell there never was any casemouth seal colour nor any tip colour to the bullet. Is this an M1935 Incendiary? Was the M1935 Incendiary ever produced without identication markings? Looking at the round I find it difficult to accept that the usual blue tip and casemouth seal have worn away.

The second round was also described as an M1929C Ball. Brass cased with a headstamp of ‘MR 36’ and a non-magnetic GM bullet. The bullet is 33.18mm long and weighs 173.3gn. It has a deep cannelure at the casemouth and has distinctive diagonal milling. Its clearly not an M1929C Ball…but what is it?

This looks curious… Pictures could help…

The MR + date hstp was resrved for MANURHIN exports to diverse countries, in severale calibres, particularily to Spain (republicaan), and definitively not found on French regulation ammo.


Photographs as requested. A closer look at the Incendiary case does now reveal remains of a blue primer annulus. However there is definitely no blue around the casemouth nor on the bullet. The only colouring I can see is an unusual pink just beneath the casemouth.

The MR 36 cartridge must be a 7,65x54 Belgian Mauser.


Domi, thank you. My mistake!