7.5mm MAS Tracer


Is this a regular 7.5mm MAS M1950A Tracer round or is it something else? I am confused as this pattern of tracer should have a green lacquered tip and this this round has no trace of any green lacquering. I accept it may have worn off at some point but I would be surprised as the casemouth seal shows no signs of wearing away. There are other points which also do not quite add up - I assume that the M1950A pattern tracer was adopted in 1950 so would it be normal to find this pattern bullet in a 1937-dated case? Another anomaly is that the bullet is not magnetic while my other tracers all have magnetic bullets.
The bullet weighs 142.5gn and is 33.6mm in length - are these correct for the M1950A?



Hi Jim,

I think that this is an incendiary projectile. The base of the projectile is sealed. Look for a weep hole on the side of the projectile - below the case mouth.



Thanks Paul. I’ve checked through the few notes of Jean Huon’s that I have and you are absolutely correct. In the pictures above the seals look decidedly blue but in daylight they are a definite green - hence my confusion!