7.5mm Swiss "DM Lader"

I photographed a packet of 7.5mm Swiss rifle cartridges in a museum in Switzerland. This was the first time that I had seen one of the flat “DM Lader” type of charger with its correct cartridges. The contents are V.P. 1908 (Versuchs Patrone or test cartridges) made in 1910. These cartridges were part of the trials of a new rifle and carbine which became the IG1911 and K1911 with the cartridge being adopted as the GP 1911.

All of the Model 11 and later rifles and carbines were made with the cutouts in the top of the receiver for this charger, most, if not all of which were made by DM. The following photos are of the charger in my own collection. The cartridges shown loaded into it are not original to it and are GP 11 headstamped 1913.

With the introduction of the spitzer bullet GP 11 cartridge an updated version of the well known coloured waxed card charger with an additional internal rib to support the neck of the rounds was adopted. The use of the “DM Lader” may not have got past the trials phase, I don’t know.

Was the non-boattailed bullet purely an experimental type? Jack

Dave, great pictures, thanks for sharing. Until not long ago this rare packet was part of the collection of Manfred Beutter. Like your example, the clips inside are also marked D.M. and likely produced to be supplied with DWM’s production of this experimental cartridge that was headstamped with number 388D.