7.5mm Swiss dummy blank


This cartridge is unprimed, and it’s very clean primer pocket suggests it never has been primed, and it contains no propellant. The rosete crimp is intact.
What purpose would such a cartridge serve? Does anybody know what it is?


Well, this is very probably a factory dummy, or may be, a test cartridge to evaluate the packing possibilities of packing machines.

The number 2 in hstp is interesting, it was used to indicate a primer loaded with “wet mixture”.



@ Philippe Regenstreif - What exactly is wet primer mixture, and what is the advantage of using it? Isn’t all primer mixture wet when it is put into the cup, then dried so it stays in?


Well, most of the primers to-day, at least here in Europe, are made following the "wet mixture " method.

The priming compound is prepared to be inserted in primer cups under the form of a light paste, this method being is far less dangerous than the “dry mixture”, always able to detonate when pressed in place.

Cups are put with their open side facing upwards on rectangular or square metallic trays, with a handle, and the compound is rubbed in place by hand with a wooden spatula, the extra being then wiped out., After this, the plate is left to dry. Later on, the dried primer may be covered by a spray of lacquer, or any kind of insulating material.
These trays are known in French as “hands” …!

I have one in my collection coming from the old Cartoucherie Fran


There are many types of dummies ranging from training , to machine testing , to package testing and others. Often the shells used are rejects from the first line because of any number of defects. The headstamp may be meaningless to the final dummy configuration. For this shell to go through the loading line and crimping empty and without its primer is not likely to the point of not possible. Dummy blanks are made for a variety of reasons as Dr. Regenstreif mentioned , display, training and machine testing as well as others. A collection of just blanks can be very extensive as can a collection of dummies.


Not to forget the regular dummies of propelling cartridges which go with dummy rifle grenades.


I think that this is a Swiss Launching blank 77 for the Dragon Simulatorsysteem
the 2 on the case means primer wet mixtur(Zundkapsel wurde Nass Laboriert)


The Australians produced a 7.62x51 grenade blank dummy for training.
Has a normal 6 petal rosette crimp, but on a chromed case with 3 red painted flutes. Also the primer pocket is oversized with no flash hole and painted red as well.
The h/s on my example is MF 81 7.62 F5