7.5mm Swiss Gallery

Can anybody provide a designation for this 7.5mm Swiss Gallery round? I don’t have the cartridge and I don’t know what material the projectile is made of.

I can not say much about this cartridge, but the stamped “2” means that the primer was wet loaded.

What is “wet loaded”?

That means the priming compound was inserted into the primer cup when it was phlegmatized by liquid making it a paste. After that the primers were dried and only then loaded.
To what I know it was done to reduce risk of explosions during the production.

I think this is done with many primers just the Swiss do indicate this process for some reason. Maybe somebody else can elaborate on all this.

I once attended a tour at an ammunition factory (rimfire cases, but also Sinoxid-type mix). The “wet” mix is indeed a sort of paste that, as EOD wrote, can be handled much safer than the former dry mix. The engineer in charge of this operation said that since introduction of the wet process, they had had no accidental ignitions any more.

The fact that visitors were allowed in this area also speaks for the safety of the wet process.

Is that a ball bearing for a projectile?

I’m not sure. It certainly looks like a ball bearing but I don’t have the cartridge I’m afraid.