7.5mm Swiss Grenade cartridge

Does anybody know the full military designation of this Swiss grenade cartridge? The headstamp is ‘T 4 T 85’ and if it isn’t clear in the scan it has a black lacquer tip. I’ll guess it’s ‘7.5mm Treib Patr’ but does anybody know the rest?

The booklet “Die Entwicklung der Gewehrmunition und der Gewehre der Schweizer Armee, von 1815 bix 1990,” by Betschmann & Feller, a publication of the Eidgen

Jim , John

“Mark pat 85” = Markier patrone 85= blank cartridge modell 85

These are some different Swiss blanks and grenade blanks


John, thank you, yet again.
Gyrojet, thank you also. You have some very interesting cartridges in that picture. Would you be able to add the designation of each? I’ve seen a few before but most of them are new to me.


From left to the right

Blank cartridge model 1890
Blank cartridge model 1911
Blank cartridge model 1958
Grenade blank model 44 1e series
Grenade blank model 44 standard
Grenade blank model 66 for cable throw grenade
7,5 experimental cartridge ETH Zurich
Blank cartridge model 85 for carabin K31 and StgW 57
Blank cartridge model 85 for non-military use
Grenade blank for Dragon simulation system
Grenade blank cartridge model 1911 for MG 11 and MG 51

This might seem a stupid question but what is a ‘markier patrone’? The translation into English would be ‘marking cartridge’ but is this a blank or a grenade cartridge?


“Mark pat 85” = Markier patrone 85= blank cartridge modell 85

markier patrone translation into English = blank cartridge