7.5mm Swiss Revolver Rimfire


The “Collector Cartridge prices” in the IAA Journal lists 3 case lengths the 7.5mm Swiss Revolver Rimfire. Can anyone tell me the approximate case length for the short, medium and long cases?


I have only the long and medium in my collection, both headstamped with the raised St, the cases measuring .932" and .714 respectively. The long is a shot load, so that case length may not be the same as a ball load.


Guy–My 7.5mm Swiss revolver is brass case, 0.707 inch (17.95mm) long, with St headstamp. The bullet is covered with a hardened grease and has one grease groove and a semi-pointed bullet. It is not paper-patched. So maybe this is the short case since it is shorter than either of yours. But, this variation is not listed in the price guide (IAA Journal. Sep.-Oct. 2006, Issur 451). All the listed St types are paper-patched. The listing does have a Short brass case with a raised SB headstamp listed. I wonder if this is a missprint. Have you ever heard of a SB headstamp on this case?


My St headstamped medium cased (.714") rimfire has a paper patched bullet. I also have an unheadstamped example which has an unpatched 1 groove bullet and a .697" case; I believe this one is also a medium case. Yours is also probably a medium case. The ECRA database has a 7.5 Swiss rimfire listed that was taken from Datig’s Cartridges For Collectors Vol 2; it has a .556" case. They call it a 7.5 Swiss Revolver, rather than a 7.5 Swiss short.


If you have Datig, Vol. 2, look on page 148, bottom cartridge. That looks just like what I have been refering to as 7.5 Swiss. I wish Datig had given the headstamp.


I do have Datigs book; he calls this one a .32 Swiss Special Rimfire ans says it is not to be confused with those of 7.5mm due to the larger bullet. Perhaps one of our European friends can enlighten us on the 7.5mm short, medium and long, and tell us where this .32 Special fits in.