7.5x23R rev.82 Swiss Nagant box

What exactly did I buy? I think it is Swiss pistol ammo. Is “rev” = revolver? The box is un-open so I can’t see the inside. Is it military or commercial? Is it made in 1960?

OK, I identified the box and answered my own questions except “What in the world were Swiss military doing with a Nagant revolver in 1960, the time when everyone craved full auto and bigger faster loading calibres?”

After serving his duty in the Swiss Army, a solder takes his uniform and gun home with him.
With his weapon he also becomes a packet of so called “Taschenmunition”
In case of war, each solder goes to a defined place to protect his aria. He is only aloud to load his gun with this sealed ammo.

If I am correctly a solder retired at the age of 45. He uses this gun normally over 25 years. That means the Swiss government still producing ammo for absolute weapons.
Each year when the solder comes for an exercise the ammo get refreshed.
If he wants to shoot with his army weapon, he can buy cheap ammo on the shooting range.

The picture shows a pack “Taschenmunition” of 1971

Our member Gyrojet became this award a few years ago, showing these Swiss boxes.