? 7.5x54 French round - manufacturer ID please?


I have what I believe to be a 7.5x54 French maximum C.I.P. round and I’m hoping that someone can confirm that I am correct and also ID the manufacturer.

I’m sorry about the headstamp picture. I’ll try and get it scanned.




7.5*54 MAS Syrian manufacturing.


Made in Syria, in 1957.


Thank you. Do you happen to know who manufactured it?


I think the initials of the manufacturer are MMD, in Damascus.


It also says “Suria” in clear text



The manufacturer was the Ètablissements Industriels de Défense (E.I.D.), of Damascus.
That is the French-Language, one of the official languages of Syria, version of the name.
There are Syrian 9 mm Para cartridges with the E.I.D. initials. The transliteration, always
difficult in the written language of most Arabic countries, is Muhasasat Maamal al Daffah,
hence the Syrian script version of “M.M.D.” They are the same factory. I only mention
the E.I.D. initials because they have appeared on headstamps of product from this factory.
Edited to correct a word-form only.

John Moss


Thank you.


I ended up going back and picking up the original box from which this round came out of. A work colleague translated this for me but was unsure about a couple of words:

15 bullet year -7—
Docket No. 102-4-1957

Envelop/Case: N11-4-1957
Bait N: 17-102-1957- 0.0375 gm
Gun powder: cylindrical 30752-957-1 0.3gm
Maker of zero/maker of copper/maker of brass: Dorner

Syrian Republic
Establishment Factory of Defence/ Defence Factory /Defence Plant/ Plant Establishment of defence
Ammunition Factory

Syrian 7,5x54 MAS ammunition
Help! Does anyone recognize this? Arabic Writing on Paper Packaging

Apparently a lot of this Syrian 7.5 Ammunition was sold on the civilian surplus market. The primers are said to now be unreliable and result in a lot of hang fires and misfires.

As an aside, would it be possible to get your work colleague’s opinion on this Egyptian Arabic headstamp?