7.5x54 mas blanks

I have a few 7.5 blanks and it is now time to add them to the collection. The question is … the headstamp on the case is that the date of manufacture, or was it like the German 7.92x57 they reused old cases…thanks…paul


I’ve not seen any references that indicates France “recycled” cartridge cases for blanks. One place you might look is the website armeetpassion.com/sommaire.html (cartouches, 7,5 mm Modèle 1929 C section) which has an extensive listing and description of 7.5 cartridges including blanks.


Thanks Brian I will now accredit each case to the manufacturer …paul

No “recycled” fired case for blanks or other loading. Only some lots of unfired cartridges of 7,5x58 Mle 1924 were recycled in 7,5x54 Mle 1929 for blanks in the beginning of the 1930’s.