7,5x54 MAS ID

Hi guys,

I need some help to identify the following three 7,5x54 MAS Ball cartridges.
from left to right.

  • nickel plated ball, 9,02 g, hs CN (9), 37 (12), N (3), 1 (6), dark red or brown mouth seal
  • nickel plated ball, 8,97 g, hs TX (9), 40 (12), R (3), 2 (6), no mouth seal
  • nickel plated ball, 9,02 g, hs TH (9), 39 (12), R (3), 3 (6), green mouth seal

The bullets looks identical, but why they have different mouth seals?

Best regards in thanks in advance


(upload://rt39ytBBNDo9QIpuoJT3vwtFSW0.jpeg) IMG_1969

In French military rifle ammunition of this period annulus and case mouth seal color was chosen by something like whim. Sometimes one color was favored, on other occasions, other colors. Seal color had no meaning. Jack

Yes, no meaning for the various colors. and TX does not exist, it is a TH improperly print.

@ Jack & domi thanks a lot!
Is the manufacture SFM?

Regards Chris

Not SFM, it would have been SF. TH is for “Cartoucherie de la Seine, Tréfileries et Laminoires du Havre”. The R is for the metal provider.
The third one was made by CN, “Ateliers mécaniques de Normandie” in Caen.