7.5x54 mm French Mas


7.5x54 mm, steel jacket with lead core, headstamp - V over S/C over Y/2/30 (plus VE/CY/1/32) Unknown French factory
Bought these at a show cheap because stuck to a magnet. Took awhile to figure out what it was, and my first real rifle was a Mas 49/56 sniper. Should have knew it.
The cut one was in the best condition of the 5, all LIVE rounds. Mangled primers, unseated bullets, and black soot inside of cases.


The sectioned bullet shown is the early type made without a crimping canneldure. Later on the the 1930s this was added. Jack


The crimping canneldure of sertissage appears in 1934.
For the headstamp see on the site: