7.5x55 clips crate

All empty of course, uncommun crate!

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JF, great find, thanks for sharing. Do you know who is the manufacturer?



Salut Fede, no idea…some of the clips are insert In another one to save room… had never seen it before

Is there a production year to be associated to this pack?

No stamps, so no idea

This one seems of 1984.

We are looking at two different items.
The first, shown by jeffcy67 is a container for empty clips (Lader), presumaby delivered to the ammunition factory to fill cartridges into the clips. It weighs 4 kilograms with 144 empty clips.
The second, shown by duqjans, contains 480 cartridges, presumably filled into 80 clips altogether and weighs 14 kilograms.

Maybe some of our Swiss readers can tell us the meaning of the ALN 8140-313-4016 number, which is very different from the ordinary GP11-related article number 591-1100.

Jochem, someone may correct me (please!) but I was under the impression that the ALN was the manufacturer?

And I do not know how the Swiss Police is organized but they are using teargas launchers made of converted K11 (?) rifles.
If these clips are newly made only for the police maybe they are using an own stock numbering system?

Alex, ALN could very well be a manufacturer code. My guess is that the remainder is a drawing number, but this is pure speculation on my part.
Swiss clips of brown colour are reserved for ball cartridges and the label explicitly says Gewehrpatrone 11, not Treibpatrone 44 or the like.

Jochem, yes, but the police may not follow this as they have no life ammo for these converted rifles (to the little I know).

In the end, only a Swiss can tell us the real meaning.
But keep in mind that the use of clips was not limited to G11 and K31. It continued with the introduction of Sturmgewehr 57. An adapter (Laderführung) is used to strip the 6 cartridges down into the magazine. Magazine capacity is 24 round or 4 clips.

Jochem, you’re of course right the two are complete different items. But the boxes seem to be the same model. So I was thinking to give maybe some timeframe of usage. And yes, that idea is kind of optimistic.

No, I am glad you showed it, because I never saw this type of container before. But at first I thought both were the same. Only after looking closer at the labels, it dawned upon me that I was wrong. Most users of this forum will not understand the label text. So I thought, I should mention the difference. Thank you for the photos.

could ALN mean: ArmeeLagerNummer ?

The boxes are not of the same modell ! Stripper clips box is the old style and was used for 8 packages of 10 6 rounds clips. Dugjans box is the last model sold to civilians in many countries except Switzerland, 8 packages of 6 10 rounds boxes. The clips were used till 1967.
The police was using normal military grenade blanks in 5 rounds packages. No need for a clip as special magazines were filled with ctgs and carried full.

Sorry, but I am a little confused now. If I understand your message correctly, the stripper clip box you show was used for 8 packages of 10 clips, meaning 80 clips. But the label says 144 clips?

Your other statement says, clips were used until 1967. Does this mean Duqjans’ container did hold cartridges in ordinary boxes without clips?

The normal old style ammunition box containing live ctgs contained 8 packages of 10 clips with 6 ctgs each!
The box I pictured is an uncommun crate for clips only, reason why it holds 144 clips! I have never seen it before. All other black boxes were quite commun in Switzerland in the past years, not speaking of the pictured box of dugjans, sold by thousands all over the world, containing cardboard boxes of 10 rnds! New boxes are metallic ones since at least 1985.

Thank you for explaining what my misunderstanding was.