7.5x55 GP11 Stahlkern data

Would someone know the weight and muzzle speed of the GP11 Stahlkern (St Ke Pat 11) [ 7.5x55 Swiss AP ]
bullet produced from 1931 to 1947?
The original manuals of the guns/ machine gusn using this ammo state that the weight of the full cartridge was identical to the regular GP 11 ball cartridge - however they also indicate that the same was true for the weight of the Lsp. Pat. 11 (GP11 Leuchtspur ) tracer though it appears that this bullet was only 10.6g with a mnuzzle speed of 735 m/s instead of the regular 11.3g (714 grains) of the GP11 military standard bullet.

According to information coming from the Thun ammunition factory for Stahlkernpatrone 11 as manufactured from 1931 onwwards, bullet weight was 11.25 g, indeed very close to the 11.3 g of the ordinary GP11. The steel core weighed 4.3 g.
Nominal muzzle velocity was 790 m/s from Karabiner 31, also very similar to the 785 m/s of GP11.

Edit: The same source lists the velocity of the 10.6 g tracer bullet as 770 m/s from K31.

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Thank you for the information JPeelen, never saw exact specs before.

Random pic of Swiss goodies I’ve accumulated, inculding a wartime steel cased Stahlkern GP11. *sitting on top of the emergency pack of GP11

Please, can you show the date of your emergency pack?

Dez 1951


Your emergency ammunition pack is obviously different from that shown by Gyrojet (no red bar “11”).
Is it possible to show a larger image of the pack?

Gyrojet, thank you for the labels, which I did not see before.
The date “Dez. 1951” on the ammunition pack is the date on which the “Merkblatt/Directive” (regulation regarding emergency ammunition) was issued, not necessarily the date of the ammunition. No packing date as on the ordinary labels?

I am away from my collection for awhile but by foggy memory I think it was around the early 60’s production date sir.

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Great photos, thanks a lot.

Harrie, thank you very much!