7.5x55 Swiss, manufacturer ID

I was discussing things with r3doX and he sent me an image of Swiss 7.5x55 headstamps which are supposedly made by Thun for the Swiss police (for their tear gas launching K11 versions - hope I remembered that correctly).
The two headstamps shown both do look very unusual in comparison to what we usually see from the Swiss. To be exact I mean the font.
Not that that could not having been changed for various reasons or so and still beeing Thun products.
I would like to ask if these two headstamps are confirmed to be of Thun production or if these were made by other manufacturers and Thun just loaded them?


Salut EOD, it is from Thun! I didn’t get any info they would be from another ctgs company. All the Swiss police or army ammunition is made in Thun, except the .50 cases, made in Altdorf but loaded in Thun.
Action4 is made in Germany, it is not a product of the Ruag Thun, as all other Action.
Schön Tag JF

JF, this is why I am asking as the 7.5x55 grenade propelling cartridges with headstamp SAA dated “05” and “08” are not made in Switzerland.
The “05” is made by PPU in Serbia and loaded by Arex in Slovenia and the “08” is made by Igman in Bosnia. On the latter I do not know who loaded it.
And as the font in the two Thun cases looks so un-typical I wanted to ask if a confirmed info is available,

I should have written all the Swiss headstamped ammo… with T or R.
Some other hst are or were made in Thun (DAG - MEN on 5.56 and trv on .338 LM, PRIME on .300 blk etc.).

By the Way some new hst!

JF, gret headstamps and box, thanks!

Alex, the one on the right is typical of Thun and showed up in the mid 1990’s in “SM” commercial boxes of the recently formed Schweizerische Munitionsunternehmung AG. The other one is found in plastic packets with 001-00-T style lot numbers.



JF, great images, thanks a lot!
The Truvelo is really a surprise!

Fede, thanks, I actually saw them packed before.
So the one with the caliber in the hs is already so old? Good to know!