7,5x55 Swiss with aluminum cases


Swiss aluminum cased ammo from 1940


Gyroject - the head looks very much like brass. Can we assume that is just the photo lighting?

The aluminum cased rounds from the 40s also exist on 9mm and very oddly (to me, anyway) that seems to have been the ammunition issued to the Swiss Guard at the Vatican. I have a “Vatikan” marked full box of the 9mm rounds. Do you know if the 7.5 rounds issued to the Swiss Guard at La Città Vaticana were also aluminum-cased?

John Moss


Hi John

sorry but these aluminium cartridges were NOT used by the Swiss Guard at the Vatican
The 9mm and the 7,5 were ordinary brass cases.
The aluminium case for the 7,5 were only used for experimentals



Yes, I see you are correct. I do not know why, since I know better, but I mistakenly took the “M” from Munitionsfabrik Thun abbreviation to be the case metal supplier of Menziken, off of the box label. I have never actually seen the contents of the Vatikan 9 mm boxes. There seems to be no end to my idiocy.

Ray will now have a chance to jump on me, but I have not opened the Vatikan box, for fear that one Swiss gentleman and either of two American collectors might kill me.

John Moss


Has anyone seen any other date, & etc…, on this Swiss aluminum cased ball?


Pete I have seen a other date …



In Manfred Beutter’s two auction catalogs (2009 + 2010) the following aluminum cases were offered:

2 T 40 D

AI A 47 CH

7 T 42 T

4 T 12 T (yes, a pretty early one)


Thanks for the info EOD



A book interesting on the Swiss headstamps