7,62*39 alucase experumimentals

For change or sale 7,62*39 work alucase and small primer


I have this round. Can you tell me what company made it?

It was experimental project in SellierBellot Vlasim about 1965 in Czech Republic

Thank you for the info.
I paid less than a buck for my example, so It looks like I got a real bargain.

My example is 189 grains total weight with GMCS bullet. What is the one you are selling. If different, I might buy it.

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I also have one with green coating that weighs 192 grains. I would assume it is the same time frame experiment? It was obtained from same person for same price at same time.

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Very nice pieces I have the same grey one on picture up. It was a shop of meeting for one $. You are a lucky man. Congratulations. You did really good deal

It is from the same experimental line. Only different surface on the case.

Are you in the USA ? what are you looking for in trade or funds?


Pavel, is not in the US and he list a price of €100 each below the pictures = about $133 currently.

Good luck.