7.62 and .308 head stamps

hello anyone know what these two head stamps are?


Left - Prvi Partizan, Yugoslavia
Right - Sellier & Bellot, Czechoslovakia

The Yugo is a commercial/civilian contract, and the Czech is more than likely a military contract.

The “ZV” is an export head stamp as far as it is known.

I got two more for you. what is the thick red stuff? its almost like paint why is there so much of it?

A whole heap of the S&B 7.62 must landed here in New Zealand at some time, it was very cheap, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for,the cartridges not at all reliable

Trevor, the left one is a US production made by Lake City Ordnance Plant, the right one is also a Yugoslav round and looks much like Igman Konjic production. The red paint is just a primer annulus.

The one on the left is neither a 7.62mm nor a .308. It is a Cal .30 Light Rifle (pre-NATO) made by Lake City Arsenal in 1954.

The one on the right has never been positively identified, but EOD is correct, it is probably Yugoslavian. Identical examples are known, right down to the same sloppy red primer seal. They have been discussed on the Forum once before.


thanks for the info. I am just a brand new member here.
I bought a big collection about 170 rounds of reloads of .308 and when I checked them this guy had all kinds of different head stamps most are new production and you can tell were they are from but there is a cupple of of odd ones. I am mostly into WW2 ammo but when I seen how many different cases there were I now have the start on a .308 collection.

thanks for your help.

Welcome here Travor. I think you will find here all you need in terms of ammo and assitance and some day you may even think about joining the IAA.


Here are two cartons that contain Cal .30 Light Rifle cartridges such as the one you have. One is from Frankford Arsenal, the other from Lake City Arsenal.

If you decide to start collecting 7.62mm/.308, you will never run out of cartridges to look for. IAA has a few members who specialize in them and they will be dead before they can find one of each. And, you’ll notice that most of them have very little hair. That should tell you something. ;-) ;-)

Good hunting.


thank you EOD and Ray. I meant I just joined IAA not the forum sorry. so I am one of you guys now.

I might never get them all but its fun to look out for at shows. maybe not hunt it down but just fun to find ones you don’t have yet.

Fortunately for you, 7.62/.308 is a caliber that you will almost always find something new at gun and cartridge shows. Do you have any decent gun shows down there in Kiwi-Land?

Kiwi-Land!?!? I am Canadian. more like beaver land?. what made you think I was from I assume New Zealand?
but yes we have good shows. I am in the middle of two shows both a hour away from me. one is military the other is western and military. but its the auctions were you can find the best stuff. there is a good one like every 3 months. one is coming up June first. I already found something interesting to bid on…