7.62 duplex with no h.s. and red wax marker - mystery round

Another gun show find but what is this ?

Weight 413 grains
rim .469
cartridge length 2.8065
case length 2.503
neck dia. .332

The extractor area is very close to the cartridge on the right…



I have the same cartridge as yours although mine doesn’t have the intense red-coloured wax covering to the bullet. Mine is a much darker coloured red nor does it look to be quite as thickly applied. I’m wondering if perhaps someone has dipped this bullet into some bright red wax just to enhance it’s appearance?
Anyway, I believe this to be a .30 Light Rifle Duplex manufactured by Remington for the Project Salvo trials. It’ll contain two bullets, one at 94.4gns and the other at 95gns. The first bullet has the red wax coating to leave a mark where it strikes the target and indicating which bullet struck where. Hopefully Ray’ll have mre to add…



Glenn sent me the photos and my guess regarding both the cartridge and the wax was pretty much the same as yours, except for the Remington part. I have never seen any original SALVO cartridge that can be positively traced to Remington. (I’m sure someone will now post a photo to prove me wrong, again) ;) ;)

It does seem odd that there is no primer crimp.


the lack of a primer crimp is normal for this

I think that this is the same cartridge as in my photo above .

" 7.62 x 64 extended neck duplex ".

Issue 459 Jan/Feb 2008 page 25 Paul Smith sectioned cartridge #3

Jim or Pete - please post a photo of your example.


This photo does not show color markings (at least very well…it’s taken trhu glass on my display in 2004) , but some good examples of the various section.


I don’t think there is any disagreement on what the cartridge is. My question is why the lack of a headstamp and primer crimp? Very much non-typical for SALVO cartridges.

Pepper - In your photo, what is the duplex cartridge on the upper far left? It looks like a 25 or 27 caliber. (I know it’s a long neck SALVO, I just can’t make out the caliber.)


here it sits next to the .22 long neck (in my drawer…w/ x-arys…and me at work)…and I think you are correct as I have it ID’s as a .25 long neck…but will check when I am at home (it’s either .22 or .25)

sorry…but I am drawing a blank (no pun intended)

The Cal. 25 For Light Rifle, Long Neck Duplex is a rare SALVO cartridge. I love my sectioned cartridges almost as much as my wife but I’m not sure I would have the gonads to take a chain saw to one of them. :) :)


I’ll retain Paul (Smith) to cut anything I have a dupe of (and is safe to do so)…I would love to have a Forum photo gallery dedicated to nothing but sectioned rounds (and the appropriate ID)…no discussion…just the photo and the ID…(day dreamin’ eh?)…I must have 300+ sectioned items; some from the since retired


My collecting ego was inflated for a hour until I got home to rush down to the aforementioned drawer, only to find the suspected round (second to your wonderful wife)…is not in competition with her, as it is a .22 long neck (not .25)…

Thank goodness for that. Another rare cartridge saved from the radical sectionalists. ;) ;)


Gentlemen, please. Not even I would cut a .25 SALVO!. I have a NPE, but if ever a duplicate loaded one came my way, I would declare (to the unfortuante provider) that it suffered unrecoverable cuts.

That said, a nice 40mm DBCATA will soon fall ‘under the knife’.