7.62 M-N new to me headstamp size

Just found this REMINGTON 16 headstamp on the left in the below photo. 16 is the earliest date I’m aware of with Remington and U.S.C.Co. but do have a 15 date with Winchester product.
However all my other Remington 16’s (dummy, proof & ball) have the large headstamp on the right.

So has anyone else seen this small variation?

The case has a large lower mid-case hole through it and the typical CN-jacketed pointed bullet is taper crimped. The copper primer appears to have an anvil.

Edited to add that headstamp in question looks a lot like it was done / made on the same machinery that was sold & set-up for the French / Remington 8x50 R Lebel production, however this is a 7.62 M-N

The rims look to be different sizes in the photo and are but the one in question is just very slightly larger.