7,62 mm arabic (persian) headstamp?


Sorry for the bad quality of the scan, but my camera battery died on me so it had to be on the flat one. What nationality is this 7,62x51 cartridge?


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Some times ago I ask about the same headstamp. The answers on my questions: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=9948


Thanks Treshkin, a little bell was ringing in the back of my head telling me I had seen that headstamp somewhere before…


Just so the answer is here also.

The headstamp is from Iran under the Islamic Republic. The symbol on top is also found in the center of the Iranian flag. The letters on the right of the headstamp stand for the Defense Industries Organization.



Just to add to this thread, the cartridge is dated with “63”, which refers to year 1363 (Iranian solar calendar) which translates to 1984.

fyi- March 20 marks the start of year 1390.