7.62 mm Cutaways

From left to right:
XM276 Dim Tracer type 3, LC/70 green over white tip, GMCS
XM959 SLAP Tracer 1990, with m196 tracer, red base
T103E1 Observation, FA/51, yellow tip
Blue over red Raufoss? HP/83/7.62, blue over red tip
Russian 7.62x54r PZ Observation, 17/ E (backwards) / 40, red tip
Thanks for looking Kevin

What’s the clear-ish chunk in the center round?

The T103 Observation round has white (yellow) phosphorous, which is the “clear-ish chunk” in the center round. It kept catching on fire so I replaced with hot glue. Oddly enough it does look like real phosphorous when cold. At least South Carolina cold! Kevin

Very cool!