7.62 MM NATO Match Ammo

I have several unopened cartons of 7.62 MM Match Ammo still in the original green ammunition box dated 1966 (LC 66 on each cartridge). Stamped or printed on the carton is the following:
-20 cartridges
-7.62 MM NATO
-M 118
-Lot LC 12053
Bullet 173 Grains
Velocity 2550.
Since the designation M 118 was adopted in 1965, I assume these are second year manufacture. Are these collectibles, and what is their value?

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Lake City first loaded the M118 Match in 1963 (designated XM118). Although M118 was officially adopted in 1965, LC cartons continued to be marked XM118 until 1966.

There is nothing particularly collectible about cartons of LC 66, Lot 12053. They usually fetch about $15 per unopened carton , when sold in quantity. If it’s the original steel box, correctly marked, add $10 or $15 to the total.