7.62 Mosin blank no headstamp

recently I found between early 91/92 production those 7.62 blanks without any headstamp. Did someone saw similiar? Who can be manufacturer? Any help apreciated.


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Those I saw had the coiled paper bullets. And it is said that these cases have thinner case walls.
Can you compare weight to a regular headstamped case made prior to 1908?


@EOD I compared blanks with early cases. Blanks and early have between +/- 9,2-9,5g.

1st blank +/- 9,55g, 2nd +/- 9,3g
Some early cases +/- (different manufacturers) :
91 - 9,4g, 9,4g, 9,5g, 9,6g;
92 - 9,2g, 9,3g, 9,6g, 9,7g, 9,4g;
93 - 9,3g, 9,5g

Anemon, thanks! So your cases seem to be standard ones.

I wonder if the lighter ones do exist.

Possibly the unmarked cases were finished cases not yet headstamped which were found to have minor defects that did not render them incapable of being made into blanks? I believe that Frankford Arsenal in the late 19th century used such brass for blanks. Jack

I am also considering this option, but on first sight they are no different from the rest normal headstamped cases. Only case neck are cracked after firing. I’ll try to ask our Russian friends… Thanks Jack.

The neck cracks are most likely not from firing.