7.62 Nagant Ammo Translation Needed, plus interesting WWII manuals

I am not sure when I got this, nor where. I opened a box-O-stuff, and surprise!
One box of Nagant ammo, headstamp “38” and “77”.

Two British manuals:
One for Guerilla Warfare with intertesing instructions, (like how to make a Bangalore Torpedo)!

One that is similar to the general training manual I received, (but with advertising):

With a very interesting way to label the Luger Pistol:

Equipped with factory number 38 (the city of Yuryuzan, USSR), in 1977, what exactly surprised you?

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I guess you are asking about the 1st photo. It is “Cartridges for revolver, calibre 7.62mm, 14 items”.

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ALL of it surprised me, because I have no idea when or where it came from,
It is ALL cool, and many hours of reading, and fighting the temptation to experiment within the smaller of the two manuals…

Thanks both AZOV2014, and sksvlad, I like to have a note with translation so in the future I will actually KNOW what I have.

Some cool books you got.

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Glad to help, this is on the Internet)

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That is the type of thing I mostly collect, old literature, forgotten and obsolete technology are my favourites!

Cool, but… it is all Cyrillic to me!