7.62 nato 68 lc match?

I have been using this site as reference for quite awhile and figured it was time to join! I was wondering if anyone had seen this cartridge in API? Stamp is LC 68 MATCH and it has a silver tip. Wanted to make sure it wasn’t pulled and stuffed 30-06. Thank you for your time!


are you asking about a 7.62 NATO or a 30-06?
picture would help

i think the question is :anyone pulled a 30.06 API bullet and stuffed in 7.62 nato case ? or if the loading 7.62nato API with lc68 match is legit ?

I don’t believe any 7.62x51 NATO LC 68 Match case came loaded from the factory with API bullets. Match brass from that era came loaded with 173 gr boat-tail FMJ bullets.

Ranger Joe is correct. Only 7.62 NATO round I’m aware of is LC 69. The 68 Match round sounds like a Gun Broker special to me. Probably loaded with a .30-06 projectile.

You were correct sorry for the vague wording. I thought that was the case from researching on here but wanted to be sure 69 was the only year. Anyone have any they are looking to get rid of?
Similar question is black tip mid 70s headstamp (72,73,74,75) FN With + in a circle true 7.62x51 AP or could they be pulled 30-06 and reloaded? Anyway to tell they are factory loads without pulling the bullets and weighing them? Thanks!

I am by no means an expert but it’s really difficult unless you have the bullet on hand and the proper research material handy. I know for me I look hard for pull marks and I like to see color around the primer annulus. If I see no color on annulus that’s a red flag for me… but it’s not a finite way. Good luck

What if we start at the baseline of all ID requests and get to see images of the round in question?

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From the description, it’s a good possibility that the projectile is a re-sized 7.62x54 light ball. You might want to check the weight and diameter. Cheers, Bruce.