7.62 NATO headstamp question


I’m in the process of transferring the cataloging of my cartridge collection from a notebook to my computer and in the process I found this 7.62 NATO that raised an eye-brow. The head stamp is triple element with markings at 10, 2 & 6. In the 10 is what looks like a backwards “K”, in the two is a marking that kinda looks like an “n” and in the 6 is the year “76”. It has a rounded, crimped brass primer with red sealant and the bullet is copper FMJ. I had written down in my notebook that it is “Israeli Military” (Don’t know where i got that info), and while that satisfied me then, it doesn’t now. Any info on this round would help a lot. perhaps that factory/country of origin if it is not Israeli. BTW, the “n” symbol does not look Cyrillic like the “PPU” symbol. This might be an easy one for you guys, I’ve been collecting for a few years now, but I’m still learning a lot. Thanks!


The markings are Hebrew Characters, and the cartridge is Israeli. As I recall, the letters, which are read in the opposite direction of English (right to left), ar “TZ” I believe. Jonny can probably tell you a lot more, although this headstamp has been identified many times on the Forum in the past, so maybe a search will turn up more for you.

John Moss


ok, that makes sense. I do recognize the “TZ” deal. “Israeli military industries” I believe. Cool, Thanks.


Just to add, the T is for Industry, the Z for Military.


oh, ok. So, was the previous poster correct in saying that the Hebrew is reverse of what we read?