7.62 Nato Help

7,62 Nato Help, Hi All, and especially Petedecoux and Fede. You fine fella’s helped me out so much with that 223 web sight link. Thank You Again. I was hoping there was a similar web sight for the 7.62 Nato that would be available and that i could download? Take Care

Sorry but can’t help with a web side but one of the IAA membership, NATODave can probably to be of help with your questions.

So post your questions & we can all learn something!

The only other similar link I’m aware of, is about the .50 BMG cartridge.

Thanks Petedecoux, Take Care

Hi Guys,

i came accross a FN 68 brase 7.62 Nato round that i cant find info on. The bullet has been pulled from the case. The bullet apears to be aluminum. The guy i bought it from said he thought it was a short range round. On the base of the bullet and fitting inside the case are 4 (things) that are about 1/4 to 3/8 inches long and less than an 1/8th inch in diameter. They have the appearance of being made of black plastic. The 4 peices look very much like the lead we used to fill our lead pens why back when. The fella i bought the round from said those tail peices helped slow the bullet down in flight. Thanks for any help. Anyone know of any web sights that pertain to 7.62 Nato?

Joe, what you have is a FN short range cartridge for distances up to 400 m. Bullet jacket is made of cupro-nickel clad steel and core is also made of black plastic (it forms one piece with the base tails). A variation with no tails was designed for distances up to 1000 m. Regards, Fede.


It all depends on what level of information you are looking to find on the 7.62mm NATO and 7.62 x 51 cartridges. There are sites that list and illustrate most of the cartridges and the different bullet types, color tips and headstamps but they seldom cover the exotic and/or rare variations which are of more interest to collectors. Back issues of the IAA JOURNAL are a good source and, of course there is always this Forum. A search will often lead you to some old treasures of information. And, you are always welcome to ask right here in General Discussions.


I like the Chip Orr page. cartrology.com/index.php

Fede, I’m intrigued as to how & why a short range cartridge could be effective out to 1000m…did you mean 100m?

Hi Jim, I should have clarified that 400m and 1000m was the maximum range. As a comparison, a DAG short range with white plastic capped brass bullet has a maximum range of 1150m. Regards, Fede

Thanks for the clarification Fede…and I am amazed that they will travel such a distance.

M80 ball will travel 3300 meters.

[quote="PetedeCoux : The only other similar link I’m aware of, is about the .50 BMG cartridge.

An excellent link, and can’t be posted too often or mentioned too often, IMHO, but you do it (and Ron?) a great disservice referring to it as “.50 BMG…” since it covers so many other, rarer, cartridges also.
Just a thought…

I hate having to download a big file like that, especially not knowing what’s in it. Can anyone provide a direct link??


Thanks Fede, Your Always On Target.

And So Are You Raymeketa.

And a Thanks Goes Out To xjda68 For That Very Nice Military Cartridge Web Site.

Glad You Gentlemen Got My Back, Thanks & Take Care

There is no direct link. That is the only place it is posted and I would grab it while you can.


I’ll go ahead and down load it and save it to my computer. That way I can create my own direct link.

I don’t mean to sound paranoid, but the very first time that my PC crashed was because I downloaded a file from a well know “shooting” site. It was the last place I expected to get infected. Sirens wailed, red warning notices appeared, but then my PC froze solid and that was the end of that. I would expect bad things from porn sites and such, but not
from "shooting/guns/bullets sites.


I cannot express my appreciation of your view not to download every piece of junk offered on the Web.
At first sight the file in the link is a head-stamp oriented list, arranged by country. In my view it is worth a download to have a look at it. (about 25 MB)

Ray, I fully understand. I trust Ron as he is a friend of mine but I still scanned the file with two scanners before I put it on my PC when it came out months back. He has made me Cd’s of these lists and others years back but I still scanned them before I put them on my PC. People can be not aware that there PC is infected and spreading maliciousness. I have a PC designer friend that used to do PC security for a division of Honeywell. He sent me a program on CD and I scanned it finding there was a malicious tidbit on it. He said “No way, send it back” When he received it back and scanned it he found there was a malicious tidbit riding along on the Cd’s we was sending out. It was in his hard drive and he did not even know it. So I fully understand you can never be to careful. I have however never had a problem with Ron’s downloads. He used to update these quarterly along with the 5.56mm listings but I feel that is not in the forecast. I also do not know how long this will be posted on the public WWW. He used to sell the Cd’s years back and then felt compelled to free share with all.

Jim Miles has a nice layout of cartridges on the web, but I do not know if it is free share. You would have to ask Jim, therefore I will not post the link. Sorry Jim if I let the cat out of the bag!

Joe Adashunas

Ron & Ron Jr, whose work generated the link has as the main focus ammunition for the 50 BMG & that is the reasoning behind the name. That it branches into other case types than the 50 bmg is on because of parentage or similarity with the 50 Browning. Ron until he retired was production manager at McMillan where quality Cal. .50 weapons were made.

So no disservice intended. It remains as a .50 BMG centered publication. That bits like links & BATS are also covered is just a bonus!

Ron calls it the 50 BMG book, & he who birth’s it, gets to name it.