7.62 Nato ID

Good Morning Gentlemen
While sorting through some Nato rounds, I found the following and would appreciate your help in identifying them.

  1. ⊕ F N 62 headstamp. Bullet is GMCS

On a German Grenade blank


3 German blanks. Unplated Steel case and 2 BWS cases. The lower version has what looks like 4 “spot weld” marks on the shoulder

Steel lathe turned dummy. Round is hollow

On Tracer with Red/Purple tip.

GM ball round, no other markings except around the primer

What is the meaning of the dots

What is the meaning of the text on these grenade blanks? Strength of the charge?

From the notes I have it’s presumed from India. It was found in Rhodesia(Zimbabwe). Ordinary GM ball.


#1 Bullet shape is odd for a 7.62x51mm - could this be a reload?

#2 German DM31 launching blank manufactured by Manusaar - early '60’s

#3 German experimental 2 piece blanks

#4 I believe that this is either German or French made

#5 UK L5A3 tracers from trials held in 1968/69. I still haven’t confirmed what the purpose of these trails was. Around this time, the UK held a series of trials testing such factors as brilliance, length of trace and propellant. Various means of identifying the different cartridges were used - paint splashes on the bullet tip, colored stripes or dots on the case head and lettering/numbering on the case side. I have my doubts that we will ever know the full history (and identity) of these cartridges.

#8 What are the headstamps for these two blanks?

#9 Can you give any more information on why you think this cartridge is from India?

Hope this helps and others can add/fill in the gaps.


#8: “STRIM” is(was) a French manufacturer of rifle grenades and other ordnance.

No 1 appears to be longer than COL (2 3/4") which means it won’t fit in mags.

Hi Daan, #8a is a grenade blank made by FN in the 1960’s for their grenades produced under license from Société Technique de Recherches Industrielles et Mécaniques S.T.R.I.M. of Seine, France; #8b is another FN grenade blank of the same era for grenades designed by U.M.A.L. S.A. of Burcht, Antwerp, Belgium.

#1 This the headstamp. There are no markings for reload, also none on the shoulder.

#8 Headstamp is: ⊕ F N 62 for case with UMAL

Headstamp ⊕ F N 65 for case with STRIM

#9 - No definite evidence that it was from India. With the notes I got, is was also an assumption only.

I was under the impression #4 was British made.