7.62 NATO Israeli Question


I’ve just managed to get some new examples and found three that seem to have blackened bullets. I don’t know if this is due to corrosion (it looks too uniformed or that it has some specific meaning.

These aren’t black tipped AP.

The headstamps are:

y n 3-74
T Z 79
T Z 80

They all have Y stamped on the primers and all are non magnetic projectiles.

Are these just standard Ball rounds or dose the black signify something?

I can post pics if need-be.


I know of no Israeli black bullet marking. Do you know anything of the route these rounds took from Israel to you? Could they be reloads? The mark on the primer is interesting. Is it actually a “Y”, or something closer to a “K”? Pics would help.


I’m not sure how the rounds got to New Zealand, but the person I got them from also has examples in their collection, so these aren’t just ‘1-offs’. It’s possible due to some process they have been blackened by mistake? all the rounds show came from the same source. I don’t think they are reloads as the projectiles on the ‘normal’ rounds seems to match the blackened ones.

Left side (top to bottom)
y n 3-74 (377.7gr)
T Z 79 (no powder, 333.0gr)
T Z 80 (377.7gr)

Right side (top to bottom)
y n 74 (375.0gr)
T Z 78 (379.0gr)
T Z 80 (377.2gr)

Close up of the ‘K’ on the primer, it’s on the primers of all the rounds shown.


Ah, interesting! An Israeli surplus ammo company, “KALIA”, is known to have reloaded 9mm and .30 Carbine ammo that was sold commercially in Israel. Some of their 9mm reloads had a “K” exactly like that on nickel primers. I did not know they also did 7.62 NATO, but from what you have, I’d say they did.
KALIA means bullet or projectile in Hebrew.


Jon - Good info. I knew when you asked if the “Y” on the primer couldn’t actually be a “K” where you were going with this. I have two different boxes from “Kalia” of their 9mm Para reloads - one for SMG and one not so marked. Both are for 115 grain FMJ-bulleted rounds. Unfortunately, none of mine had the “K” on the primer. Wish they had, as I collect primer- marked rounds even if reloads, as I consider primer markings an adjunct to headstamps. The actual name of the company selling the “Kalia” brand, by the way, was Israel Cartridge Company, Ltd., of P. O. Box 3134, Jerusalem.