7.62 Nato Question

I have two empty Nato rounds. I do know one of them is used in a sub cal training device. It was a Tracer for a 90 mm Recoiless Rifle. I got that out of our IAA issue 489 page 47.
As described, the shoulder of the brass case has 6 holes. Mine is headstamped TW 68.
My second round that is headstamped LC 68 only has 4 holes on its shoulder. Was it used in the same device for a differant range?
The friend i got it from mentioned that it may have been used for a type of riot control weapon.
Would anyone have a picture of an unfired round? I wonder what covered the blast holes before the round was fired?
Thanks in Advance, joe


AFAIK the unfired cartridges are no different than any other. It’s the weapon’s chamber that causes the shoulder to blow out, creating the holes. So, it’s an unusual circumstance of the live cartridge being very common but the fired case being collectable.

Why the different number of holes? I have no idea. Maybe NATO Dave is reading this and can enlighten us?

But, I may be wrong on all counts. It’s been known to happen, a lot.


Sometime pictures are better than words:
Case fired in a subcaliber trainer for the Dragon AT system
found on the internet:

Thank You So Very Much Ray & Kriss

I’ve not come across a fired case with 4 holes in the shoulder so can’t help here. With regard to the 6 hole cases I have the following headstamps:

(+) LC 64, (+) WCC 67, (+) TW 67, (+) TW 68, (+) RA 69, (+) IVI 69 and (+) LC 89. The last is a little surprising since the M67 was obsolete by this time.

BTW, the photos on this thread are of a M149A1 sub-caliber training device for the M67 90mm recoiless rifle. The M47 Dragon anti-tank missile system makes use of the M54 launch effect trainer that uses 7.62mm M64 blanks to simulate the back blast.


Thanks Nato Dave,

   Your Commets Are Greatly Appreciated.   Maybe one day i will be able to post a picture of my LC 68 4 hole round.

    I dont have your e-mail address but i could look in up in the IAA listings.   I was wondering if you would be selling any of your 7.62 duplicates?   I am starting to collect 7.62's now and i would be interrested.   Thanks,    joe

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