7.62 NATO RSA Reference List

I have been working on this project for a few months. This is the link: cartridgecollector.net/762-x-51-nato. It is listed on the website under the South African Reference Collection. I have most of the items listed, but this still very much remains a work in progress. There are many box labels and other research still to add to this. Thanks also to all the guys that gave their input thus far. If anyone has any other info or queries, please let me know. I am still working through a lot of files.



VERY NICE!!! Great pictures and information, most of which I’ve never seen before now.

No doubt this has been a huge undertaking and required many, many hours of work.

Thank you very much for sharing it here on the forum.


Daan - I am not a NATO guy, but this work is so exceptional and important that I will print it out for my files. Incredible job. I envy your computer, photographic and organizational skills. What a gift to the Forum!

Happy holidays.


Original research is what the IAA (and the Forum) should be all about. Efforts like yours often go unappreciated. We should never underestimate the importance of acknowledgement but I know that recognition is not your goal. The sheer exhilaration at each new discovery is your reward.

Thanks for sharing.


Daan, great work! This really fills a gap in available documentation!
Maybe a good start for a book on RSA made/used SAA?

Absolutely superb! Thank you for sharing your work.

Great information Daan, THANKS

Daan; Your work is spectacular! The site in general and your SA NATO list in particular are very easy to navigate, and the format of your NATO list with its fantastic color pics is as good as it gets. I’m jealous. Good on you, and good luck with protecting the critters which need all the help they can get.


A brilliant piece of work.
Unless you have attempted a project like this, you cannot appreciate the effort and time involved.


Great resource



Amazing well done, Daan Very good information and a nice addition for my collection. Thanks

Definitely amazing work! Both reference photography and literature are superb!


A huge thank you for all the feedback. I had to move my website to a dedicated server, the traffic was slowing down the existing one. There were some major additions on the project since. I am working on some new material as well