7.62 NATO simple question

I have found some cases headstamped" LC 7.62 NATO".I think they were cartridge for civilian use but loaded with military-type FMJ bullets.I’m not a 7.62 NATO expert but I think it is a bit strange to headstamp a civilian case as 7.62 NATO instead of 308 WIN…I usually see military cases with military hds and civilian cases with “308 WIN” hds,loaded or not with FMJ bullets…


This civilian “LC” ammo is made by M

Thanks I knew the producer,but I was wondering why they headstamp 7.62 NATO instead of 308 Win on their civilian ammo,according to me it is a bit strange thing.Do you know other factories that use this kind of headstamp?


Am I correct in thinking there is in fact a very slight difference between .308 Winchester and NATO 7.62 and that the two are not necessarily interchangeable?

In Chile, I recently found a 1979 Sellier and Bellot cartridge simply marked 7.62 x 51. As I 've assumed Chilean military ammunition was mainly made by FAMAE, I’m guessing this is civillian too.

Neruda, all 7.62 NATO are .308 winchester, 7.62 NATO is a specifiec load as discribes in NATO specifications, so the ammunition is interchangeble agains all the NATO members. Wishes, Jan

At first view a 7.62 (30) Nato is a 308 Winchester.
Same outside dimensions.
You can shot one or the other in the same gun.

But the 7.62 Nato has less inside volume than the 308 because it has thicker walls needed by its use in Machine Guns.