7.62 NATO Tip Colors

All, a friend asked me to take a look at his collection and I ran into these 5 rounds that I can’t reconcile with HMW Vol. lll or any sources online. Maybe some help here would be good… the first two are Portuguese with the same headstamp. Let me know if anymore info is needed. V/ Henry

The three on the left look like they could be stuffers (i.e. the projectile is not original), but this is by no means 100% certain. Hopefully others can provide opinions on these as well.

Here are a couple of Portuguese AP rounds from my collection. Note that the tip color on these is much shorter than on your round. This of course doesn’t mean yours isn’t legit, it just looks a little off to me. Without inspecting it in person it’s hard to tell.

Headstamp + FNM 23-75:

Headstamp + FNM-1-72:

The second one looks like a 1950s Belgian tracer projectile (possibly taken from a .303 British loading?) loaded into a Portuguese case.

The middle one also looks suspect, since the only US incendiary loading in 7.62mm NATO that I am aware of has a + LC 69 headstamp. The projectile also seems to be seated a little too deeply.

The fourth one appears to be a typical US M62 tracer.

The last one looks like a US overhead fire tracer. These had red tips to distinguish them from regular M62 tracers.

I hope this helps! I’m far from an expert on anything so I could be wrong on the legitimacy of the first three rounds.

I note what appears to be damage to the projectile on the 3rd case where I assume it has been pulled with pliers.

You are confirming my thoughts 100 percent, even the comment on the FN tracer color. I am by all means just verifying. I have no other Portuguese rounds to do by and as far as that orange tracer RA 67, have you ever seen such an annulus color? Also I’m unaware of overhead tracers from 66 but ill keep digging…

Yes mayhem I agree.

The black tip on mine is exactly ten millimeters and looks too perfect to be hand done I think, but I just can’t find other specimens to go by

Yep - that annulus color is typical for 7.62mm NATO ball and tracer rounds manufactured by RA.

Roger that thank you sir…

Ok everyone, I just pulled my first bullet for examination. It was the black tipped Portuguese AP. The bullet weighs 155.8 grains, which is pretty much in between an M2 AP and an M61 AP. OAL is 1.5 inches. The issue I have is the paint tip being 10 millimeters and not 5 as stated earlier by twoaz. Now, with this new info, can someone help in determining what the black tip one is?

Blue tip incindiary. 136.6 grains. 1.3 OAL, 5mm paint tip… unfortunately a damaged bullet by what appears to be pliers.