7.62 NATO XM276 green / white dim tracer

I have a green over white tip XM276 dim tracer, which was apparently a production error where the white should have been pink? After looking up some info I see that a LC 70 and LC 92 headstamp are known in this type, but mine is an LC 93. Is this a known thing, or are there other headstamps known with this white instead of pink error. Is that in fact a rare error? 7.62 NATO is not my thing.

I have both the + LC 70 and + LC 93 versions of this round, and I have seen the '92 ones as well. They aren’t particularly rare in my experience. I think I paid around $10 for each of mine.

It would be interesting to hear if anyone else has seen other headstamp variations for this color code. The next time I’m at the Woodin Lab I’ll take a look and see if they have any others as well.

What I’ve found is that the LC70 has a steel jacket, and the LC/91, 92, + 93 have a gilding metal jacket. There was an experimental yellow/white tracer that was in 1990? where they made the switch between jackets. In 1994 they changed the color to light purple. In 1997 the U.S. started to put on a second cannalure above the case mouth to help distinguish between a ball and tracer at night. There are FA and LC versions of the Pink/ green from 1969.
Have cut the Pink/white, but not in collection . For anyone who collects the first pink version, the value of those just went up. It took 4 to get one that didn’t ignite on me during cutting!

I’ve never seen anything that would confirm that the green/white tips were an error. A bad choice? Yes, but not an error. There were so many variations of the Dim tracers that they probably ran out of color combinations.

Here’s a photo of some of them. I’ve never seen a pink/white so that’s another one to look for.



The last cartridge–far right of the picture, looks very similar to the “frangible” loading that appeared in the 7.62 NATO, in that the bullet has that dark look of a frangible bullet.


Ray, I’m guessing the pink/white is the same as the white/pink…but just worded back to front.
What is the first cartridge pictured? Is it white over orange?


Yes, the one on the far right is an M160 Frangible. The photo is an old one that I took several years ago for another forum to show some of the color tip variations.


You are probably right. White over pink is the correct way to describe the colors. Unless you are left handed. ;-)

The first cartridge (on the left) is White/Orange. It is one of the early prototypes. Headstamped FA 68.


Don’t know where this came from but have written down:
white/orange - FA68, first prototype
Pink - FA 68, 1st type, GCMS 550yds
white/pink - LC69 2nd type GMCS 1100yds
Green/pink - FA and LC69 3rd type GMCS 930 yds
Green/white - LC70 GMCS
Green/white - LC91, 92, 93 GM
Light purple - LC94 thru 2009 GM (Me: 94, 95, 97, 05, 07, 09)
2 cannalure Light purple - 2010
(Gene Scranton reference on page 130.5 of red/white and/or white/red)
Yellow over white - LC90 (Pepper was handing these out at SLICS once)

There are different trace mixtures between 69, 70 and 90
1990 a red igniter add to trace mix


Please email the picture you have posted. You always add great information/ threads, and for some reason your photos don’t show up on my computer?!? I do love the infra-reds.


Thanks kindly, kevin

There are many more color combinations. They are not all dim tracers.

Kevin - Will do