7.62 NATO Yellow/White tip ID

All, I have limited research capacity right now with my phone but I am having a hard time IDing this round. I have more books on modern ammo inbound but don’t have them yet. I’m sure this will be easy for some of you but can someone tell me exactly what this one is please?

I’m starting to get deeper in my dads collection and I can already see some strange ammo coming up…like flachets and other experimentals… thanks as usual guys

Experimental dim tracer. From between the periods of the last steel jacket dim tracer, in 1970 and when they started back up again in 1991, with a gliding metal jacket. Different trace compound as well.
In picture, they are the ones that have no case.


Is there a designation for this or somewhere I can do some research? It looks like a very interesting cartridge

In one word, No. Only a few people outside those who made them know what they are.

Couple years back, someone (Pepper) was handing these projectiles out at SLICS but was telling everyone that it was a factory color error. After sectioning and contacting NatoDave (our 7.62 expert) we believe that it was the experimental from 1990 for the changes to the jacket and trace compound. Since then, a couple have turned up with the LC90 case. (Trying to find that case for mine was an exhausting task, had a group of people looking, but finally found 2)

Yup Pepper here. The loose projos I had (may have some extras) I believe came from some Lake City scrap. I was told (and always believed) they were paint errors. But if Wolfgang and NATO Dave say otherwise…I need to check my drawers to see if I have a full-up example

I collect color markings so errors and tint variations aren’t out of the question

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Great info guys thanks!! It’s disappointing to note that such a cartridge wouldn’t have a paper trail but on the other hand it seems like I have a rare cartridge indeed! V/r Henry

I (happily) have the same full up LC 90 round (as well as a beautifully marked 87)

I will agree to call them “undecided” but figured to add a few rounds that are clearly “paint variants” that made their way past QC

note the green over “pinkish” band (obviously should be white)

and the two “tone” green tip which one half of which is closer to a yellow than green

and the aforementioned yellow over white rounds

colors are us (or colors are me…bring em on!!)

Cool pictures, thanks!! I wonder how much these go for, I wouldn’t mind finding another one…

The Ogive looks wrong on the two middle yellow over white, don’t even think they are tracers.