7.62 Nato

My husband went to a gun show recently and saw a 7.62 Nato cartridge that the person said was a tracer. The bullet was red over orange and the case was US made from the 60’s, is this a legitimate cartridge or a gun show special.
Thank you Carolyn


I have seen references to a red/orange tracer (ca '73) but have never seen an actual cartridge. So, it could be legitimate. The only thing that would cause me some concern is the headstamp. The multi-colored tips were generally typical of the Dim tracers and most of them are dated in the late 60s and 70s and most, if not all, of them have been documented.

The biggest problem with tracers is that they are easy to fake. Any color over orange is especially easy because the basic M62 Tracer has an orange tip. Making one with a color combination otherwise unknown makes them appear to be legitimate because there is no way to disprove their authenticity.

Do you have any idea if the bullet had a 7 or a 10 ogive? That might help a little.

Maybe NATO Dave is reading this and can shed some light?

Sorry I can’t help more. If it was cheap enough I would buy it regardless.


My husband didn’t pay that close of attention to the ogive as he was skeptical of the cartridge to begin with