7.62 slap tracer, full carton

An early Christmas present to myself. It’s now mine! Headstamp is WCC 88 SLAP. Red primer seal and base.

Merry Christmas, Ray,
As you know, I gravitate to older, more historic ammo. Could you explain to me your obvious excitement about this box? Is it experimental?


Yes, the 7.62mm SLAP cartridges were experimental. The Tracers were manufactured only one in five to be belted with the tungsten penetrator cartridges. So, they are a little harder to find, especially in a full carton in perfect condition. I don’t usually collect cartons of the post-NATO cartridges but it was impossible to pass on this one. Here’s more:


Impressive, that is really neat. Good find.

Ray what makes a full box better than one with just 1 cartridge? (except for the value of each single cartridge of course)


There’s no answer to that question. I suppose it’s the same thing as one headstamp being better than another, one bullet better than another, or one color tip better than another. The value of a single cartridge actually is less in a full box so it’s not really value.