7.62 Tokarev hds ID

I would like to ID the headstamp on the left. It should be Chinese like the case on the right, found in the toy made with 5.8 mm cases

Would you say that the symbol on the left top is a star, or more of a fleur-de-lis / plant style symbol? I wonder if the Chinese factories sell lots of bunter-error or other draw-error type cases to the companies that make these toys as a way of getting rid of factory-seconds and errors? Might be lots of odd headstamps found in toys that way.

They are both standard style Chinese headstamps, but actually two dates I did not have recorded before. I blew the 11 81 up to a very large size, and I think it is just that the “1” has been over-stamped by extraction or accident, not an intentional marking.