7.62 Tokarev Headstamp Codes

I updated my listing today. I’m sure I have some errors and omissions, so any help appreciated.

These are all the Tokarev producers I could identify from their headstamp codes. Some sources were contradictory so I included both possibilities. Any corrections or additions would be greatly appreciated.

Compiled by Jon Cohen, (10/6/2019)

3 USSR; Ulyanovsk (Simbirsk) Machinery Plant, Volodarsky.
04 E.Germany; VEB - Mechanische Werkstatten Konigswartha.
10 USSR; Dzerzhinsky Machinery Plant, Dzerzhinsky (Molotov).
10 Bulgaria; “Arsenal” factory, Kazanlak.
11 PRC; Heilongjiang North Tool Co., Ltd., Mudanjiang City,Heilongjiang.
11 Yugoslavia; Privi Partizan, Uzice, Serbia.
13 Vietnam; Factory Z113, located in Tân Binh, Yên So’n, Tuyên Quang.
14 Yugoslavia; Privi Partizan, Uzice.
21 Poland; Zaklady Metalowe (MESKO), Skarzysko-Kamienna.
21 Hungary; Bakony Muvek, Veszprem / Matravideki Femmuvek Sirok.
22 Hungary; at Andezit Works, Jobbagyi (1951-54).
22 Romania; at SADU Works, post-1954.
38 USSR; Tula Works (until 1941) / Yuryusan, Yuryuzansky Metal Plant (1942).
54 Poland; Zaklady Metalowe, Poniatowa, near Kielce.
60 USSR; Bishkek Machine Tool Plant, Frunze, Kyrgyzstan.
121 PRC; Heilongjiang North Tool Co., Ltd., Mudanjiang City,Heilongjiang.
234 Poland; Unknown producer, reserve/emergency production line.
270 USSR; Lugansk Cartridge Plant, Voroshilovgrad, Ukraine.
304 USSR; Moscow Radio Engineering Plant, Kuntsevo, 1942-1945.
311 PRC; Zhejiang Red-Flag Machinery Factory, No. 941.
343 Poland; Zaklady Metalowe, Pilczyce, Breslau/Wroclaw.
539 USSR; Tula Cartridge Plant. Also used T and Tn3.
541 USSR; Chelyabinsk Plant, based at the Chelyabinsk University.
710 USSR; Podolsk Mechanical Plant.
711 USSR; Klimovsk, Klimovsky Stamping Plant.
911 PRC; Unknown producer.
947 PRC; Guangxi People’s Machine Shop, Hechi.
21215 PRC; Unknown producer.
(acorn) PRC; Factory 861, Chen Xi Arsenal, Chen Xi County, Huai Hua City, Hu Nan.
✫—✫ USA; Starline Mfg.
♂ Czechoslovakia; Povazske Stroj.
x (with 4 balls) Czechoslovakia; Povazske Stroj.
Δ Czechoslovakia; Zbrojovka Brno / S & B.
✫ ✫ N. Korea; Unknown producer (possibly USSR).
< > N. Korea; Unknown producer (possibly USSR).
▼ N. Korea; Unknown producer.
ㅅ N. Korea; Possible, Unknown producer.
АКБС Russia; Commercial production, ACBS Ltd.
aym Czechoslovakia; Povazske Strojarne, Povazska-Bystrica.
В Д Ф Bulgaria; (trans. to V D F) Durjava Voenna Fabrika, Kazanlak.
bxn Czechoslovakia; Sellier & Bellot, Vlasim / Zbrojovka Arsenal.
D22 PRC; Northeastern Military Industrial Ministry, Factory 22.
F PRC; Commercial production for Fortuna, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
FA Poland; P.W.U. Fabrula Amunicji, Skarzysko-Kam.
FNM Yugoslavia; Under Portuguese brand name.
G Romania; Unknown producer.
G.F.L. Italy; Guilio Fiocchi.
H Romania; Unknown producer.
HP Austria; Hirtenberger Patronen Fabrik.
K USSR; Kuntsevo, Plant №304, 1942-1945.
L C USA; Reformed Lake City cases.
ПГ Yugoslavia; Pobjeda Gorazde, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
ППУ Yugoslavia; Privi Partizan, Uzice.
O Czechoslovakia; S & B / Zbrojovka Arsenal.
PFA Poland; Panstwowa Fabryka Am., Skarzysko-Kam. (same as FA above?)
POF Pakistan; Pakistan Ordnance Factory.
PPU Yugoslavia; Privi Partizan, Uzice.
PS Czechoslovakia; Povazske Strojarne.
RAS Romania; Red Army Standard, Sadu for RAS International Inc., USA.
RSD Romania; Red Army Standard, Sadu for RAS International Inc., USA.
21 RPR Romania; Uzinale Metalugica Di Copsa Mica Si Cugir
22 RPR Romania; Previously used “PA”.
S & B Czech; Sellier & Bellot.
T USSR; Tula Cartridge Works.
ТЕХКРИМ Russia; Commercial production, Techkrim.
WIN USA(Czech); S & B for Winchester.
X Czechoslovakia; Povazske Stroj.
Z Czechoslovakia; Zbrojovka Brno.

END - Any corrections or additions welcome.


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Thank you. Now to the magic translator!

“acorn” is the early symbol of factory 861

Both - Kuntsevo, plant №304, 1942-1945

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Jon - Factory “13” in Viet Nam is part of the Vietnam Defense Industries (VDI) conglomerate, and actually is factory Z113. VDI is located at 28A, Dien Biên Phu, Ba Dinh, Hà Noi. Factory Z113 is located in Tân Binh, Yên So’n, Tuyên Quang. At some point, it became part of the General Administration of Economy and Technology (GAET), also known as the Defense economic Technical Industry Corporation.

This information is partially from VDI literature and partly from Fede. In the case of some of the Vietnamese names, punctuation some words has been omitted simply because I don’t know how to type those particular letters into the forum. I have used the punctuation that I am able to enter. Sorry about that, as it makes it not grammatically-correct usage.

John Moss

Sheng - is factory “861” the one that normally uses the factory denominator “81” on headstamps? The fact that headstamps often carry and altered number from that actually assigned to the factory, on Chinese ammunition, has been discussed before.

John Moss

Made for Fortuna, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

Made by Sadu for RAS International Inc., Florida, USA.

John-Yes,861 use code 81 as headstamp

Thank you Sheng. It was an important question for me, because I have a very rarely found 9 x 18 mm Type 59 cartridge with a trinomial heastamp - 81 9 60. I wonder if there was any production of this cartridge in 1959, the first year of production for the Type 59 pistol?

John M.

Thanks so much for all the help…so far! I replaced yesterday’s list with an updated version incorporating the information received.

Made by Factory No. 941 named “Zhejiang Red-Flag Machinery Factory”.

Jon - you show a headstamp “PRC” from factory 861. Is the actual headstamp on the cartridge “PRC?” I ask, because if it is 861, you have reversed the order of your list on the entry.

Some time ago, I find in my Makarov notes, from a very good source on Chinese ammunition, factory 81 identified as likely to be the factory that in recent years was named Hunan Yun Jiang (Group) Limited, in Hunan, Huai Hua, Chen Xi. Factory 861 was originally located where the 11th Arsenal had been, in Hunan (He Nan) Province, but the ammo factory was part of the 1st Arsenal (Hangyang), relocated.From the mid 80s, it was reportedly a producer of consumer goods, primarily, electrical home appliances, and after a successful start in that, changed its name to the Bai Yun Appliance factory. Unfortunately, mismanagement and possible corruption forced it into bankruptcy in 2003, and was reorganized in the Yung Jian Group and went back to Munitions production.

Regarding the “PA” Romanian Factory mentioned, the name was originally Pumitra Voina, Societate Anonima Romana, Brasov, Romania. I mention that in connection with your “RPR 22” headstamp. In actuality, the “PA” on the headstamp stands for "Pirotechnia Armatei (I had a box label for 7.9 x 57 that spelled the first word “Pirotehnia,” with the “c” but am not sure why.) It translate to Army Pyrotechnics, or some other form of the word Pyrotechnic (Pyrotechnical, etc.).

Are you sure that RPR22 is actually that factory, that is, the former “PA.” I ask because a knowledgeable Romanian collector told me this particular ammunition maker closed shop in 1947.

Still another thought. You mention codes aym and bxn as being “Czech.” I think you should spell out “Czechoslovakia” and note that after the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the return to the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic as separate countries, both the bxn and the aym codes were still used, past the year 2000, the last known date of 9 mm vz. 82 cartridges being 2002, to my knowledge. It could be noted with each code what the current name of the country is. Of course, not collecting dates, I admit that I am not sure, and have not checked my files, when the aym and bxn codes disappeared from the 7.62 x 25 mm rounds! Still, for those who collect other calibers that go on past the caliber change-over, it could be confusing to call each “Czech.” Just a thought.

It is a good list, by the way. I wish there was room to elaborate on some of the headstamps. Many there I did not know existed (such as the “G” and the “H” headstamps from Romania).


Sorry, John, the nice little “acorn” I had on the list disappeared when I transferred the list over. The PRC/861 problem is fixed. No, not sure on the RPR/PA question, that’s info I previously received. I’ll keep it there for now.

John-Probably yes!This cartridge named as “Type 59 pistol round” which means it was finalize the design in 1959






Maybe - copy-paste on cyrillic?))

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Just for Hooke, I changed the Cyrillic! ;- )

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Jon - Factory 861, which used “81” on some headstamps (I have Makarovs with that ID number for the factory, is explained above, in one of my answers. You still have it as unknown. Probably nothing is 100% sure with these Chinese Numerical factory-designator codes, but that information came from probably the best source on Chinese armament factories in the US. It is your list, but I suggest you change that “861” from unknown.


John, from the info above, it is not clear at all what factory (by name or location) produced the “Acorn”/861 Tokarev rounds in the 1950s. If you can clarify what you meant, and name the factory that used the “Acorn” headstamp in the 1950s, I will change it. Is it Hangyang or Hunan, and what was the factory name?