7.62 Tokarev Headstamp Codes

Jon - I corrected some typos (missing letters) in the original text. However, I would not know how to explain it any better than I did above. Your list, your choice. Just trying to help.

The “Acorn” was factory 861 which later used the simply “8l” on headstamps. I have a Makarov round from 1960, with "81 headstamp. I, myself, have never seen a Chinese round of any caliber with the headstamp “861.” That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, just that I have never seen one in handling a lot of Chinese SAA.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a timeline for the changes. However, if I had to guess, I would say it was the factory at Hunan.

Maybe Shen can make it clearer, as he likely has more information than do I. That’s the best I can do.


John- 861 factory was called Chen Xi Arsenal at that time.located in Chen Xi county,Huai Hua city,Hu Nan province.

Excellent, thanks to both of you. Much clearer now, will update.

Sheng, would 21215 be the same factory as 11 and 121?

Not clear now

Sheng - thank you. I was going to ask you this morning if you could explain the structure of Chinese location names, and here you beat me to it! Actually, except for being presented in a different order, it should not have been confusing to Americans, like it was for me, because it is the same as our system. We generally do not include the county in our everyday use of addresses, but for example where I live, it would be Daly City (city), San Mateo (county), California (State - equal to "Province). Thanks for the clear and concise explanation.

John Moss

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FYI. I still need examples from 13, G, and H…if anyone has a spare or needs some extra cash!

Some of soviet 7,62 TT cartridges was unmarked because there was only one producer.

Yes, the first known Soviet Tokarev headstamps are from 1942.